Warnings not shown in profile with version 2.9.0.beta14

After updating our forum (www.tff-forum.de) to version 2.9.0.beta14 the number of warnings is no longer shown in the header of the user profile.

The development console shows the following error message:


Also for users with warnings the profile details are sometimes not shown when opening the profile.

The system only displays the header information:

After waiting 30 seconds or unhiding the sidebar the remaining profile is shown.

We would appreciate any information regarding these issues. If we need to rebuild our system with an updated version of 2.9.0.beta14 we will try this next week.


We are still facing the above descibed problem.

If another update (we are on version 2.9.0beta14) will fix the error please let me know. In that case we will rebuild our forum during the next days.

Hi @Thorsten :slight_smile:

I’ve managed to replicate this here on Meta just now. We’re on the latest version so an update is unlikely to resolve this currently (though updating from your /admin/upgrade page is definitely good practice before reporting a bug just in case it has already been resolved. Doing it from within the UI would mean no downtime, so it’s relatively painless).

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Thank you for the answer. We were facing this issue directly after updating to the latest version 2.9.0beta14 last week. Therefore I wanted to wait for your analysis before updating the forum again.

I would appreciate an answer in this thread or a private message when the error is fixed in a newer version. We will then rebuild our forum and test again.

Again thank you for your support!

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No worries. :slight_smile: And we’ll report back here when a fix is in place. :+1:

This has been fixed in FIX: Invalid route path for staff info warnings link by tgxworld · Pull Request #19461 · discourse/discourse · GitHub


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