Watch Groups to Receive Notifications when Members Post

In the Monzo Discourse community the Monzo employees are all part of a group ‘Monzo’.

The employees posts sometimes include time sensitive announcements & the most important news so it would be useful for the other members of the community to be able to receive a notification when members of this group post.

To give another example, there’s also a group that’s made up of Monzo investors & certain Monzo employees may want to be notified of all posts from that group.

Using this feature, users would essentially choose to ‘watch’ a group, instead of a specific post.

This feature would be even more powerful now that there are iOS & Android apps and users can receive notifications without having to have Discourse open in their computer’s browser.

Could this feature be added?

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This is not on our current roadmap. You can search for “follow” to read previous discussion.

You can subscribe to the RSS feed on the groups page if you need to.


Ok, thanks for the suggestion, I can use IFTT to feed new posts into Slack to create notifications, that’s a little bit fragmented but I’ll live :slight_smile:

(To save anyone else who’s reading this post time, just add .rss to the end of the group’s posts URL to access the RSS feed i.e. Monzo Community - Latest posts from Monzo)

Why? Our official Slack plugin can already feed new topics into Slack by category or tag cc @Nick


Tags are close. I pushed a few new features last week but haven’t this week because of the holidays. This coming week though it will have tags posting from slack and some bug fixes.

But to the point of this post: I can aid you in setting up slack if you’d like!


Just to clarify a couple of things -

  1. I’m looking for a feed of all new posts - new topics & replies - does the app cover both?
  • Do Tags = Groups or are the two different? I’m looking for a feed of all posts from here Monzo Community

To be honest IFTTT might be easier, unless there’s issues with the formatting because I can just change the address of the RSS feed if I want to pick up different posts but if the Slack implementation is straightforward, then that sounds good.

Other customers have complained the generic RSS-to-Slack formatting is suboptimal in a few important ways. But if it is working for you go with that – it definitely works.


Hmm I thought it might be, thanks for the advice, I’ll try the plugin in that case.

@Nick I appreciate you offering to help with Slack, I’ll reach out if we run into any difficulties.

So our Discourse instance is hosted & perhaps as a result, we can’t see how to control which posts get picked up by the plugin?

I know that might be too vague so if you need more details here, could you let me know what you need from me, in order to help point us in the right direction?

Following on from our DM’s I’ve got the plugin installed, the last piece I need to get this working is the channel id for the group (rather than category) so that only posts from this group’s members are fed into Slack. How can I find out what this is?


It looks like we should be able to enter @Monzo (the name of the group is Monzo - & this can be used to mention the group in the community). Could you please let me know the alternative if that won’t work? I’m not able to test this right now but will update this post as soon as I do test it…

Edit 2

The group ‘username’ was accepted by the filter, just waiting to see if this works now.

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It looks like I misunderstood what the Channel filter in the above screenshot was referring to - this is the Slack channel, not a ‘channel’ in Discourse.

Going back to the origin of this request - how can I define which posts get fed through to Slack so that only posts from members of the Discourse @monzo group are picked up?

The RSS feed would enable me to do this but…

This isn’t supported atm. Only categories can feed into Slack trough our plugin.

Looks like this week we will have the ability to push tags to slack, but tags aren’t groups.

Right now, the only way to get only group posts into Slack is the RSS feed. I see we adding this to out slack plugin someday, but we don’t have a date for it.


That would be a useful feature in my company, where we customer managers are responsible for a group of users that posts in several public categories. :+1: