Watched Words for Tags not functioning properly

Man, was really loving this feature to auto-tag posts, but realizing something is up.

I have the following ‘watched’ tags set up …

* baltimore → Baltimore Ravens
* ravens → Baltimore Ravens

But somehow, the “Baltimore Ravens” tag is being automatically applied to the following post:

"OFFICIAL: Justin Fields to start at QB against Cleveland Browns | Chicago Bears Bulletin"

This isn’t the only post this is happening to. In fact, it’s happening to dozens, as though a ‘fuzzy’ search is being applied.

Is this a bug? Anything we can do to correct?

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This sounds odd, one possibility here is that someone used grace period editing to remove baltimore from the post.

Can you reproduce the issue on a brand new topic?

Perhaps I misunderstood this feature—can replies to the parent topic generate additional tags? I found about 6 posts last night that ran into the same issue—teams being tagged that were never mentioned, but replies to the parent did mention those teams.

Replies do not. We say first post here, but it might be too easy to overlook:

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Hey guys, just a heads up that this continues to be an issue. There were no edits made to this post. This has happened a few times now. The only watched word for this tag is “Baltimore”.

The only thing I can think is that it’s stringing together letters that form the watched word …

In this case, "Brett Venables is “virtually a done deal” to coach Oklahoma next season. Venables is one of the most decorated coordinators in the game.

That should be easy to test. On one of our sites we have “pipewire” as a watched word to apply a corresponding tag, and “Please Ignore Post Example While I tRy somEthing” does not trigger it.

This might be a “have you tried turning it off and on again” kind of question, but are you sure you don’t accidentally have another key in the list pointing to that tag, maybe something truncated, or maybe “BR”?

Nope. I did remove the watched word and re-added it.

I’ve tried replicating the issue by coping/pasting the same post, and it doesn’t auto-tag. So it seems to occur super randomly, and not only with that particular tag! #GhostInTheMachine