"Watched words" review queue seems broken

The first step would be for me to try and replicate the issue on my test site, and then that would give me a better idea of where we need to look.

So far my step-by-step looks like this:

  • Set REDACTED as Requires Approval under Watched Words
  • Create new test_user
  • Use new test user to post “This is a REDACTED message”
  • Post gets sent to the Review Queue
  • As admin, check the Review Queue
  • Post content is displayed as intended

(Aside: Yesterday I ran the test with an existing test user, which may explain why there was no ‘delete user’ button)

So, as yet, I can’t replicate. Looking at the version number you linked above it looks like you could try updating to Latest from the /admin/upgrade page and seeing if that resolves your issue?

The other general advice is normally to check your site in safe mode to see if any plugins or theme components are interfering, as well as looking in the browser console for any errors when you perform an action (also logged in /logs/).

Are there any more details you can provide that could help me narrow down how to replicate this on my test site?

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