We have a new default theme here on Meta! 🎉

Gotta say the the background texture and blobs are distracting and seem unrelated to the Discourse software and content presented here on the forum.


This theme is really nicely follow the Discourse design. Great work as always :heart:


This is really cool!!
Is there a way for us to use the 4 buttons as a component? Not sure if it already exist :sweat_smile:

This seems to be a popular ask. :slight_smile:

I think Jordan gave some guidance of how to create one in:

But I don’t think there’s an existing component for them yet.

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The new theme is great! really like it.
My only qualm is the chat window overlapping the topics list even though there is more than enough space in a normal desktop screen to accommodate a chat sidebar


What do you define as a “normal desktop screen”? I usually find myself zooming out discourse forums to 80% zoom for more space.

I think the most common desktop display today is 1920x1080 or more generally a 16:9 ratio
I think it’s not a bad idea to assume most people use this ratio.

If you grab the top left corner and drag, you should be able to resize it to however big/small you like. :slight_smile:

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Sure, you can resize the chat and that’s great. But I’m speaking as an admin of a community, not as a user. I’d like to encourage people to use the chat by having it open by default in a righthand sidebar. I understand that not a lot of people share my views on the chat and that’s fine of course.
Given the current situation, I think it would at least not discourage people from having the chat bubble open, if it didn’t cover other elements on the screen.

Ah, no worries. I don’t think that’s specific to this theme on meta though, is it?

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Sorry, but IMO this new theme’s background is quite unattractive. The way it scrolls in a narrow band around the main topic area is very distracting. If the topic area was partially transparent so that the background showed through it would make more sense (but that might not have enough contrast for accessibility.)

But the background showing up in the search results was the last straw. I’ve switched back to the Default theme.

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Theme is awesom but go small bugs …

You can report bugs is the theme feedback category


i agree thats how its looks on 49 screen…


I don’t know anything but is out there really people who are using 44 inch screens at full screen when browsing web? Sites should scale, though.

Has the theme been reverted to the old one (potentially only for some users)? For some reason I don’t see the background elements anymore (and there are no errors in the browser console).

This is 24" in landscape, for discourse makes more sense for monitor to be portrait not landscape.

I like this background seems like a great river with few rocks.

This is a problem @jordan-vidrine

Firefox, narrow screen.

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As a fackt im using 2 of them :sweat_smile: