Web server is down Error code 521

I installed it on ubuntu 22.04 setup screen won’t open what could be the problem ?

It looks like this instance is behind CloudFlare, was it installed that way?

Turn off the orange cloud and try again in five minutes.

Was this a fresh server, or was something already installed there?

Did you follow the standard install?

i have installed it 20 times with the same method there was no problem at all. it happened for the first time the installation is correct

yes cloudflare

turning off the orange cloud didn’t work

On the same FQDN? with Let’s Encrypt enabled? Did you hit the rate limit?

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But what happened after you did that, because you were definitely not still seeing that Cloudflare error then?

That, and you still have Cloudflare enabled with the orange cloud.

isciforum.com.  300 IN  A
isciforum.com.  300 IN  A

i’ve done a lot of installation error 521 522 is it related to this ? how to solve

gave this issue because i did multiple installs It was fixed after 3 days I did a clean install

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