Web site error too many redirects

Google Chrome display:ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
Redirects you too many times.

That could happen due to a lot of reasons. Could you share a bit more detail about how You’ve set up discourse?

E.g. where it is hosted, if it uses cloudflare optimisation or another reverse proxy etc.

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The domain name uses Cloudflare for DNS proxy, and global proxy is not enabled.Only the DNS

Is the cloudflare SSL setting set to Flexible?

Could you share the link to your site?

yes,The website suddenly returned to normal,It is not known whether the plug-in is causing the cache problem or CloudFlare.
I tried to use Cloudflare for acceleration before, I don’t know if this is the cause, but the website worked normally before.

If your host name has upper car letters, remove them and rebuild.

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Host name: YaoFan-centos7-01
I noticed that the notification in the upper right corner of the website is abnormal.

Do you know why the notification bar doesn’t display properly?

Is it a plug-in problem?

Now it’s strange that I tried to start Cloudflare for acceleration and there was infinite redirection after the rebuild


I don’t know why there is a strange situation on the website recently, the background loading is slow, and the notification cannot be loaded normally, and the notification content cannot be displayed after loading.

Don’t do that. It causes problems, as you have demonstrated. The easiest thing to do is make it DNS-only (gray cloud). If you want to turn on the orange cloud, I recommending doing it after you’ve seen that everything works, and then to disable all speed-ups.

Yes, everything worked fine when I closed it, but I found a problem that my notification button didn’t respond and I couldn’t open the plugin option in admin.