Website doesn't load but works after clearing cache and cookies

We updated our site to the latest version – 2.9.0.beta7 – 3 days ago. Since then, users have been reporting that the site doesn’t load but works again after clearing cache and cookies.

Some users have also expressed endless scroll repeating the same content blocks on mobile and that all user controls were gone (tested on both android and iPhone).

I am not sure if this issue is related to the update. We are trying to identify the issue and would appreciate your guidance! Thank you!

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:thinking: maybe a plugin or a component ? Could someone try /safe-mode ?


I cant reproduce on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. As @Benjamin_D said can you ro somebody with Safari try /safe-mode?


Is this still an issue on the latest version @littleviolette?


Going to perform the update again tonight. Clearing cache solved the problem. One person reported that the site works fine in /safe-mode.

Thank you for checking up on the issue!