Weird looking non-existent topics in recommended topics due to babble plugin

Since upgrading to latest version yesterday we see things like this show up in the recommended topics list:

clicking on these random looking names sends you nowhere.

Any ideas on what happens here?

I found out that these are names of the randomly created groups as discussed here:

This topic is closed so I’m not sure where to report this issue. I don’t want to install Babble as this caused a major problem and I had to get rid of it.

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Yeah, this looks like a side effect of the Babble plugin.

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@gdpelican Have you seen this?

I tried on a non-production server: removing babble results in may many, maybe hundreds of tiny user groups, mostly with two people in it, some even with 1 or 0.
And they show up as recommended topics.
Reinstalling babble makes them disappear.

However, I had a good reason to uninstall it so reinstalling is not a wtorkaround for me. (and besides this would be a strange way to go about something like this imo).

Pavilion helps out with maintaining this plugin. I’m sure one of the team will help you with a guide to how to fully uninstall it. Just be patient, we are very busy.

Please post something here: Babble - Pavilion