After upgrade, "/g" is cluttered with PM groups of 2

After upgrading to 2.7.0.beta1, now displays hundreds of groups of two, evidently formed by PMs. The “real” groups are still there, but hard to find. The private groups of 2 are visible only to admins or staff- normal users see only the real groups.

Is this intentional? If so, could it be made an option, not the default? It’s not what admins normally want to see. And there’s no way to get there using the drop-list filter.

Here’s a very small sample including one real group:

That’s certainly odd. I checked a number of sites running 2.7.0.beta1 and am not seeing the issue. Are you running any custom plugins?

Are you running a third party chat plugin like babble ?


This is an interesting question. I had babble installed for a long time, but did not have it enabled for the past several months. When I upgraded to 2.7.0.beta1, I cleaned up app.yml by removing babble and a few other unused plugins.

So I suppose babble created the groups of two? How to clean them up? They’re all very old- I don’t mind deleting them.

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I suggest asking for support in the Babble - A Chat Plugin topic.


After looking over that topic, I decided to re-install babble- but not enable it- and now the groups page is normal again.

In summary, there is nothing wrong with 2.7.0.beta1. The issue is that un-installing babble messes up the groups page.


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