Welcome 2014 Discourse Interns!

I’m pleased to announce the Discourse team now has two amazing interns, Arpit Jalan @techapj and Kane York @riking.

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Welcome! It’s really cool that Discourse is taking on interns.

@riking and @techAPJ welcome and congratulations!..Hope you stick around for a while I’m sure Jeff and Sam and EvilTrout will be the ultimate teachers for you. You are so lucky (even though it may not always feel that way because of deadlines and break/fix crap)…Soak it up like sponges! :slight_smile:

Congrats again guys!

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They’re doing a nice job and I’m so happy I discovered discourse which is going to be a strong pillar for my next start up and being an influential blogger and with strong social media reach, I promise to help discourse as much as possible from my side once I finish with my alpha version and launch it.

All the best guys, you all are doing something really cool!

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Also I would be remiss if I did not mention Arpit’s blog entry about his first month :smile:



Its kinda cool to see @riking here because I know him from over at the Bukkit Project. Good looks Discourse team!