Welcome Arpit Jalan to the Discourse team

It’s been almost two years since someone joined the Discourse team, but we’re speeding things up this year as our hosting service expands.

Today we’d like to officially welcome Arpit Jalan, from Jodhpur, India to the Discourse team.

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Awesome! Congratulations @techAPJ!

From out here, it seems like you’ve been part of the team for quite some time. Great to see it be made official.


That’s awesome, thanks for sharing the story, but… Left me wanting to know more about @techAPJ ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Same here except for me it wasn’t “seems”, I thought he already was!

And yes it is great :sparkles: [cough] about time [/cough]


Really he is awesome. I have no words for him. He is my good friend, he always make me boost about new technologies. We feel proud that arpit is our friend. Congrates Arpit we always follow you.


Well deserved! Congratulations!

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Excited to see even more miracles worked by @techAPJ. :smile: Congratulations! :fireworks:

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congrats Arpit to fulfill your passion and dream.Great work, keep going.

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