How to make the recommanded topics collection

I want to make a place for the “praised” / “verified” / “good to see” topics.

My idea:
Let the moderators set the tag for topics, and there will be a button to see those topics quickly (like Latest or Top button)

The problem:
I can only set the minimal trust level to tag topics but can’t set the preserved tags

Any idea will be appreciated.


Maybe try pinning the topics since that will bring it to the top.


I think a mockup would be helpful, but here’s a guide that might be of interest:

There’s also a featured carousel of images in Topic List Previews which includes topics if you tag them with the set tag.

On tag visibility look at this:


In my community’s traditions, it’s popular that the moderators mark the topic with recommended.
I think it’s a good method for increasing the visibility of high quality topic, community interactions and motivations.
Pinning the topic on top is another method to make the similar effects I’m using.
The difference is pinning is better for visibility but lack for community interactions and permnant recordings. It’s an honor to write a topic which is pinned or recommanded, but the pinning is not officially memorable which people want.
This is why I usually pin the official notifications only.
Anyway thanks for your advice.

Can you explain the meaning of “mockup” for me? I’m not a English native speaker or a experienced discourse user.

I think this is what I want and very appreciated.
I didn’t found the tag management page before. Going to check it now.


Make a drawing or similar that shows how things should look and what you are looking for.


Hi :hamster: !

You’ll be able to do this part with this theme component:


here is it

Thank you! This is exactly what I want

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Wouldn’t docs do same thing but offering filtering too?

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I implement my use case by creating a tag group in the /tags page and add a button by Custom Top Navigation Links above.
Thanks for all of you!

I didn’t know that feature before. It seems like a library page of all site contents? It’s very cool

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Not all. Just for some — you can use a tag/tags or category/categories. I used it for blogtype topic starters indentied by tag blog.

I think the built-in filter functionality is good enough for now
But the docs page is very cool, may I have the link of it?

I means, is it a plugin or a theme component or something?

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the docs are a theme component

update: i was wrong; it’s actually a plugin (plugin)


Docs is a plugin but there is a supplement theme-component called “Docs card filter” if I have the name right.