What about adding tags in the top menu?

Since tags are now a core feature, are there any updates on the possibility to add them to the top menu?

If this is not enough

you can add a button via script

Read here


Search your admin settings for filter by tag


i selected filter by tag

but my site dont effect. what the reason why?
And i added some tags. But dont appear on front page?

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You will have to be more specific.

Are the tags associated to a topic yet?
Did you refresh the page?

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Yup, i refresh my page a lot of on private tab

That is not where you add tags.

That is where you specify existing tags.Though it seems to let you put anything in there, it isn’t validating against the current tag list.

To add a tag, you need to edit a topic title or create a new topic and add the tag that way.

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i created some topic but i can’t add tag, because dont have tags to add.

So, where can i add tag?@cpradio Thank you for surpport

Screenshots/a link to your site would be really helpful.

Are you an admin? If so, and if you have Tags properly enabled, you should be able to add a tag to any topic.

When you created the topic you didn’t see a text input below the textarea?

If you click the title edit pencil you don"t see a text input below the category select?

I have a feeling you may be confusing topic tags with hashtags in posts.

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user: hidden
pass: > in your message

Okay, so Go to a topic, click on the pencil icon at the topic title. Enter hoa, press Tab or click the yellow highlighted result, click the Blue checkmark to save the topic with the tag.

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Yep, don’t see text input when create topic

Category is appear

wow, i dont see different between tags and hashtag in post. i only create classify

Thank you cpradio and Mittineague
surpport for me.
I done!


Hmmm, “don’t see”? What you pointed to in the first image is the text input.

The “no match” is because you are creating a new tag rather than using one that already exists.

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Finally, how can we create tag with utf-8 encoding
Example some my tag: Quận 1, Quận 2, Quận 3 has been convert auto to ‘‘quân-1’’, ‘‘quận-2’, ‘’‘quận-3’’,… i want to have space and sign letters not convert auto.

Besides, can we create describe tag same category

@Mittineague @cpradio please 1

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Tags are alpha-numeric and all lower case in Discourse. If you want to apply styling to them you must use this “workaround”


i do it but, dont effect

Now possible with a theme component: