What are good plugins or theme components for a forum emphasizing pictures?


I’m creating a Discourse that focuses on images, at least on the majority of its categories.
I remember seeing one or several Discourse forums dedicated to art and especially photography.
I’d like to have an alternative preview of the topic list that shows the first image of each topic, for example.

Do you know any plugin/theme/components (preferably official) that would be adapted to my goal?
Do you have any URL of existing Discourse forums that makes use of that kind of customizations, and present their content “images first” (but text or legends will be important too)?

To be more precise, what I have in mind is a forum dedicated to atmospheric optic phenomena, like https://www.reddit.com/r/atoptics/.
So, pictures are important, but I also want my forum to be a place to sort of, discover wonders that most people don’t even know they exist, with clear and simple text explanations (kind of like the “simple.” version of Wikipedia).

A place to visit to learn and share.

I’m just starting the thing and made only categories. It’s looking currently like this:

I’m using only Category icons component for now.


The Topic List Previews Theme Component easily fits that description.


Maybe also interesting


@davidkingham runs a photography site with a lot of customization at https://community.naturephotographers.network so that could be useful to look at

I think it uses Topic List Thumbnails Theme Component and Featured Tiles Theme Component (amongst others!)


Topic List Thumbnails is what I’m using, I used to use Topic List Previews as well. Either one will get you what you’re looking for, they primarily just look a little different with TLP being a bit more customizable.


Thank you so much, it’s exactly what I was looking for!
I tried the Masonry display, but finally, I think this presentation for content that is meant to be displayed by date (by default) is confusing.

Anyway, it’s starting to look good to me thanks to your suggestions. I’m excited to explore more of these tweaks.