What are options for handling due dates / deadlines?

I’m customizing Discourse to allow us to do some project management.

My question is, what are options available for handling due dates / deadlines?

Here’s one I’m playing with.

Discourse Event + Discourse Assign

  1. Create an event with a date
  2. Assign the event to a person
  3. Use the calendar view to see what deadlines are coming up and who is assigned to what


  • One calendar showing all the events across every category instead of being able to see events on the calendar only in one category may get to be too much. Screenshot below shows events from two different categories and makes no distinction between the two.
    Screenshot of Google Chrome (1-7-21, 5-09-31 PM)
  • Assigning someone to an event topic doesn’t remind them that the event is coming up, right?
  • Event date doesn’t show up on the Assigned page

This is from @tobiaseigen

Use Bookmark Reminders


  • Reminder dates don’t show up on assigned either, though they do show up in bookmarks
  • No transparency into upcoming deadlines across the entire team, just deadlines for individuals

I’d be curious to hear how you all do it!


I’m sketching something similar and I’m using the Events plugin from pavilion, together with Assign and Solved.

You can re-purpose Unsolved/Solved to Open/Completed or whatever you find better suited and then use solved topics auto close hours in it’s settings to automatically close topics that have been marked as solved. Then the Events plugin can be set to remove closed topics from the calendar:

Screenshot from 2021-02-15 21-29-56

This can already give you a decent overview. The plugin also offers to have category based calendars and agendas, as well as a global one. The global one reflects your category colors: