What are user cards?

(Sam) #1

A user card is what pops up when you click on a user’s avatar or username inside of a topic, on a topic page such as Latest, or on a user mention (an @username).

The user card gives a quick view of some of the profile information for that user, and allows everyone a little more room for personalization through their user card background. These backgrounds can even be animated, if allowed on your site (check out @codinghorror’s).

#What shows up on your user card?

From your profile page, your:

  • Avatar
  • Username, name, and title
  • Last post and join date
  • Your trust level badge and two of your top badges

And if you’ve set them, your:

  • ‘About me’ description (or three lines of it, if yours is rather lengthy)
  • Location
  • Website
  • User card background
  • User card badge (shows up in the bottom right corner)

#Does the user card do anything else?


If you click on the avatar or username on someone’s user card, it takes you straight to their profile, where you can see further information about that user like their recent activity, list of badges, and summary page.

There’s also a ‘Message’ button on every user card, as a quick shortcut to sending a PM. And if you’re looking at a user card in a topic for someone who has posted more than once, there’s a nice filter button with a post count:

Which, when clicked, gives you a view of the topic with only that user’s posts.

A user card will also show if a user has been suspended, should that unfortunately be the case.

#Can I add anything else to user cards?

Also yes.

Aside from the normal fiddling you can do with custom CSS, a fairly recent feature addition allows you to add custom fields to the user card, configurable at the admin/customize/user_fields page with the Show on user card? checkbox.


Just a quick question about this (sorry if it’s been answered before) can we set this based on permissions? I also apologise for the bump but I’m a member of a forum (as far as I’m aware) we have member levels like so;


Is it possible to only give this permission to members and staff? If it’s not currently possible, can I suggest this feature?

Permission based user card pictures
(cpradio) #3

Give what permission? This FAQ is just telling you what a user card is. It is a basic feature, what feature on the card are you asking if it is permission based?


I’ll be honest and say I don’t know much about how discourse (in terms of permissions) works but yes. Currently, the forum I’m on nobody can upload their own image for their card it was turned off completely. I was wondering if it can be set on a permission basis instead of all off/all on.

So for example
Visitors = off, they can’t upload their own image to their card banner
Members = on, they can upload their own image to their card banner
Staff = “” ^^ “”

This would help in moderating the images on user cards because only trusted members and staff of the site would be able to set their image on their user card.

(cpradio) #5

Ah, that currently is not possible and would likely have to start in the form of a plugin.


Is there somewhere specific to suggest it as an idea to be apart of the main forum software or for it to considered to be made into a plugin?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #7

Feature requests are made in the #feature category. You can write up what you are looking for, and why you think it would be useful there.