What CMSes can I embed Discourse into?

Hey guys! So, my gamedev team’s website has been going really well as far as stability goes. I currently have Discourse, MediaWiki and Anchor CMS going on the website which is okay. I’ve also gotten user accounts to be federated across the entire site (minus the blog which runs Anchor), using Keycloak and the OpenID Connect plugin for Discourse.

While my wiki is fully federated with the forum, however, my blog/main site isn’t. Also, there’s a completely different user experience across each part of the site. i.e, the main site has a completely different layout and theme to the forum which has a completely different layout and theme to the wiki.

I’d like to find a new CMS for my website that can:

  • use OpenID Connect for login, even if I need to use a plugin/extension
  • allow me to embed the Discourse user interface into the general UI of whatever theme I’m using for the CMS when the user goes to the forum. So, things like the page header/navbar and footer stay present, just like http://community.monogame.net/.
  • Do the same as above, but with MediaWiki.

My main concern is the forum because I think MediaWiki might be a little easier to figure out on my own. I want to ask here to get opinions on what would be the best blog/CMS platform to use with Discourse though.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t have a CMS to recommend, but I just want to mention that embedding Discourse isn’t the recommended path here. You’ll want to style Discourse to look like the other sites (basically creating the illusion that they’re using the same nav), which is what http://community.monogame.net/ is doing.


Figured as much. I tried playing around with that (I decided to use WordPress as my CMS) but I couldn’t get the nav into Discourse without the CSS used by the WordPress theme mucking up all of Discourse’s CSS.

I’m really not an HTML/CSS guy, like, I can get my way around it but it’s neither a thing I enjoy using or a thing I could achieve anything decent in.


Figured it out. C# is a wonderful thing. I wrote a quick program that downloads the CSS from WordPress and extracts only the classes/IDs that I need for the navbar so that the CSS doesn’t override anything in Discourse. Got a nice navbar going now. :slight_smile: