What does the 👉 notification mean?

I can’t figure out what this notification means:


There’s no mention of me on this topic, I’m not tracking it or anything. There’s also no rollover ‘hint’ about its meaning. I’m just confused. And obsessed - mostly obsessed :slight_smile: Any clues?

It means invited.

However, didn’t we use to have a title attr there so user could find the meaning on hover?


Ahh that makes sense. This is used so rarely I had totally forgotten you can ‘invite’ people to a public post. Would it make sense to use the same icon in both places?


That button is gone in latest Discourse (share and invite are merged) and that icon is already used for Group inbox.

Ah! Was this a super recent change? I updated last week.

This week change that is still ongoing.


Brilliant. Thanks for your quick explanation Rafael! :+1:

This question has come up at least once before… I wonder if there’s a new icon we could use that might be a bit clearer? We already use “user plus” for assign, but maybe “comment medical” because someone’s adding you to a conversation? or even a plain old plus sign? I don’t think we use that for any notifications…

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There is supposed to be, so if not, that is the bit that needs fixing @awesomerobot