What happened to Digital Ocean's 1 Click Install?

It used to be so simple, I’m a designer (not a coder) and now I can’t even remotely get it to work. Anyone know of a good tutorial or something to follow? Should I destroy the droplet I’ve probably ruined with failed attempts?


/ Dear God do I miss running a Discourse forum. I forgot how slick the UI was. No DOUBT this is the best forum available.


One-Click is a third party package and is completely unsupported here.

You should be following the standard install. That way we can offer you basic assistance, and some guarantee that your install won’t be broken by future updates.


Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. Been a frustrating Memorial Day. I followed this I believe, though I didn’t go with the SSH, I’ll do that now and try again.


Let us know if you hit any issues.

We’re happy to help, providing what you’re doing is supportable.


Just scanned this discussion because I was very close to use DO’s 1-click install. DO is my favorite hosting provider with a very slick set of features.

As it happens, I learned to like Discourse a lot and am planning to use Ghost and Discourse in an integrated fashion, as described here or in your own guide

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