Self-installation VS DigitalOcean 1-click installation


What’s the difference between self-installation (official install) VS DigitalOcean 1-click installation.
I’ve tried both and didn’t notice any issues.


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Official Guide Install

  • Works
  • Can be used on any modern Linux server, be it any cloud provider or on premises server.
  • Receives free support from the maintainers at

DO 1-click

  • Works

Thanks for a concise answer, Rafael! :slight_smile:

Well, is there any actual differences, other than DO uses Ubuntu and installing is done via script?

I propably didn’t understand now. Do you @Falco mean that if I install Discourse on Ubuntu after setting up VPS by myself I can get support, but if I spinned up VPS using script and and same script asks me to run setup of Discourse, I’m alone and wasting time here :wink:

Of course you didn’t mean that, so what am I missing now?

I’m a bit curious because somebody said DO 1-click is buggy and your answer is… quite short. I’m using that 1-click and does that mean I made awful mistake?

Otherwise I would change your answer a bit:

DO 1-click

  • Works
  • Only Ubuntu 20.04 on DO droplet
  • support is what you ask and find with google (or something else?)

While we’ll wait for @Falco for answer…
My understanding is we’ll get support for what we did by ourselves.
Otherwise, it would mean Discourse team supports DO for their 1-click install…

I just don’t understand what the term free support means and covers, perhaps?

Of course any team doesn’t do free gig to DO when question is DO depended like how that 1-click works. But AFAIK Ubuntu is Ubuntu and that’s it. But pure fresh installing as process is very much same, right?

And after wizard Discourse itself is totally samesame, regardless did I use 1-click or curl to get there, right?

Maybe it is just Monday :rofl: that makes me a bit paranoid (or this constantly crashing iPad-app bugs me; thank god and Discourse dev-team for automatic drafts), but when I hear little too often here negative’ish tone because DO, I’ll start wondering why — is there history that DO-users don’t read faqs and manuals, is there aomething wrong in DO-VPSs or is Discourse different depending how one did installing?

(Why don’t you all speak finnish, this would be much easier that way :sweat_smile:)

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Any reply you get here is a free support.



There is another 1-click install at Bitnami.
There was a problem with Bitnami that it installed an old version and wouldn’t let you update. Plus other admin functions missing.
I think these install scripts can change some Discourse settings. Making it a non-standard install.

Even if the 1-click is a standard install - the Discourse team don’t know that.

On the DO point. The Digital Ocean droplet has always been a popular choice and linked to on a lot of team posts.
I use DO droplets with Ubuntu then follow the recommended install script, if you can copy and paste, you can do the standard install. Not quite one-click but not too many more.

Any negative tone I suspect will have been about 1-click installs rather than DO itself.



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