What happens if I delete a badge?

We are currently rethinking badges - looking to align them more with our specific community goals and the level of participation we are seeing. As part of this, there are some “out of the box” badges we are considering deleting (or not using). If we delete a badge - will community members who have earned the badge be notified in some way? Will it just disappear? Or is there another deprecation method that exists?

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@sam can advise you here. I believe there are two settings, “disable all badges” or “enable all badges”. I don’t know if there is an in-between state where you can selectively enable the built in badges or not.

Hello all, we also be interested in deleting some basic Discourse badges (or disablig part of it) like “Fist link” etc and adding some custom ones. The question is if they will appear again after upgrade and overall stability of the forum? thx

I’ve disabled a small number of the default badges on my forum (uncheck the “enable this badge” checkbox, no need to delete them). No issues.


It worked. Great thx