What is a typical file structure? Attempting to restore from snapshot

I’m aware that others have talked about restoring from snapshots on DigitalOcean:

My problem seems different. Discourse works beautifully from all accounts. Rebuilding the app works, running the doctor works.

Yet I see nothing at all in terms of a site and I think something very strange has happened with file locations.

As I understand it, what you get with a typical install is:


Yet after a restore, root is completely empty and one needs to go one level “up” from root (which makes no sense) to get here. It has put a nested root such that root is a folder within some other location… and root is completely empty.

Does anybody know what is going on here and have any sense of whether there might be pathway to a functioning discourse site from here?

I don’t know what’s going wrong for you, but /root is the home directory of the ‘root’ account - the administrator, the superuser - and it’s not normal to install anything under there. /var/ is a good place for data which is changing, and Discourse is installed under /var/discourse. But Discourse uses the technology called docker, and that places its data under /var/lib/docker. So you should expect to see both of those.

Possibly you have read something which has confused the string “root” with the root of the filesystem, which is called “/”.


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