What is the current/best way to import a vBulletin 3 forum?

I am considering updating one of my vB 3 (3.6 I think) forums to Discourse and just wondering what the current best practices are?

I have considered just downloading the username and email addresses then simply creating new users with that info (anyone wanting to log-in can reset their password) but it would be nice to bring over avatars and profile info too - just wondered what the options are and what others have done :slight_smile:

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There is a vb4 script. I don’t know if it works for vb3. You can search for details. If you have a budget, you can post on #marketplace or contact me. I have done many imports. It’s your host here for a year they’ll import your data for free.


I think @neounix is a vB3 expert here, can’t find the topic where he details his journey though.


Here ya go!

See also:

Hope this helps!



I just had an idea, I actually own a Xenforo licence so I could always import the forum into that and then into Discourse as I believe there is an official Xenforo to Discourse importer for the version of XF I have (will have to check that once I find the official importers thread). I’ve done a vB 3 to XF import before and that worked fine, so it could be a good strategy.

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