What is the "Custom incoming email address"?

I’m configuring my categories and definitely, I don’t understand what this feature is. How do we use it? How do users use it?
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See Configure incoming email to create new topics or group messages

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I saw this topic… It explains how to configure it but I was wondering under what circumstances do we use a custom incoming address for categories?
Sorry for my low knowledge, it is the first time I set up a forum…

Everytime we want to give an opportunity to participate using email instead of logging in to a forum.

Hi @Joart :slight_smile:

Setting up a custom incoming email address for a category allows users (default TL2) to send an email to that address and start a new topic in that category.

Thank you @JammyDodger. Does it mean, if I go in my account → “Messages” item and click on “New Message”, I can send a message to this email address and it will create a new topic? I didn’t manage… It created a staged user but I can’t see the topic…Did I miss something?

Just send an ordinary email to that address and new topic will be created.

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