Which template corresponds to bulk invitation with specified topic id?

I would like to customize the email that users receive when they are invited via the bulk invitation. I have a topic id in the third column of the csv so that users land on that topic when they first log in.

This is all working just fine. Now I would like to customize the email sent to invited users. I can’t for the life of me figure out which email template corresponds to this message. I am going through, one by one, modifying the template, sending a test invitation… no luck. I feel like there must be a more straightforward way to figure this out. Is there documentation on which template corresponds to this scenario? What am I missing?

Search for the relevant text in Admin, Customize, Text

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To add text, try the following templates

  • Invite Forum Mailer
  • Custom Invite Forum Mailer

I have used those templates for bulk invites to add a footer and link to opt out form. Not sure about targeting a topic but believe it’s the same template.

I recall some discussion about some templates not picking up any customizations but believe these templates are ok.