What mail service do you recommend?

(qianqiang) #1

Partners, what mail server do you configure? Is there any recommendation?

(Bart) #2

I’m currently testing Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) - it’s about 4x cheaper than others I’ve seen here. So far it’s smooth sailing.

(Arnel ) #3

Hi, what is the cheapest mail service for discourse right now (as mid of 2018)?

I have found elasticemail.com for our small discourse installation, but they will always include your physical address at the bottom of the email content (it is stated in their policy) and that is what I want to avoid.

I, as an occasional administrator, don’t want to send my personal info to recipients. I’m looking for alternative solution here and planning to change the service provider. What is the cheapest service provider out there?

Any feedback about the email service provider is also welcomed.


(Colin Marshall) #4

Another downside to Elastic Email is that I have not yet figured out a way to get bounced emails to display in the Discourse dashboard.

This thread shows how to set it up for the other, recommended email providers:

Not sure why Elastic Email is recommended but still no guide on how to set this up.