SMTP: Mailgun vs elasticemail?

I already had an account at elasticemail therefor my forum is setup with elasticemail. I had 2 dollars on my account, but when I have used them I wonder Mailgun vs elasticemail?

In the setting I can see a special one for Mailgun.

What do you recommend? What is best?

II hope you can tell me if I should change to Mailgun or not?

You should test both (and others) and choose the one that works for you. If “elasticemail” works for you, it works for you.


For a time I saw a spate of users who were posting here about having trouble with elasticemail. I’ve not seen any of those messages lately, so whatever it was that was confusing them got better or people stopped using it.

Like @maiki said, if you’ve already got an account with them and can configure it to make it work, that’s what to do.


I have now switched from elasticemail --> MailGun

So far I may say I love Mailgun over elasticemail!

At elasticemail I had many non-delivered mails

At mailgun I had this issue:

I wrote to the support and after a few hours they answered:

Thanks for the reply and providing that information. I’ve adjusted your sending IP which should help improve your deliverability.

And now I have no non-delivered emails and 10.000 free emails pr month

See this as a personal story and elasticemail could be the solution for you. But at the moment I stay at mailgun…


I fully agree.

I don’t know if this is a new thing they introduced, but their policy of injecting an unsubscribe link and your address into each and every mail they send, makes elasticemail unusable with discourse.


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What one apprently can do is to redirect the Elastic Email embedded unsubscribe link to a third party unsubscribe function (i.e. Discourse Email Preferences).
I haven’t tried this yet, but have it on my list of things to do.

But Elastic Mail will still inject stuff into your outgoing mails. For me that’s a no go.