What may cause the live notification to stop working for a forum?


live notification was working nicely on my android device for our forum (using a chrome v. 75).

but today I didn’t get the forum notification as a push notification anymore!

what may have stopped it? how can I check the errors/problems?

p.s.: I have checked this with another user and it has stopped for that as well!

Is sidekiq still running?

it may seem stupid question, how can I check if sidekiq is running on the main server install?

Not if you don’t know the answer. :slight_smile:


You can usually get a hint if it’s broken at /admin.


thanks :+1: yes, sidekiq is working.


just noticed that number of notifications are not shown on the browser icon when using desktop (without any change in the user preferences).

may it be due to some issue in internet connection?