What notifications result from flagging and mod actions?

I have found and read some topics that explain the flagging system and are very helpful (below):

So What Exactly Happens when you "Flag"?
What are Flags and how do they work?
User Reputation and Flag Priorities

However, none of these spell out what notifications the person flagging and the person who wrote the flagged post get in different situations? It seems to vary not only by type of flag (eg. off topic, inappropriate, etc) and by the action that a moderator takes (agree, disagree, ignore).

Are all the possibilities listed somewhere? If not, you you consider making an FAQ on this?

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Hello when you flag as off-topic, inappropriate or spam nothing is sent to the flagger. However, if they select something else a moderator is sent a PM and when they take action on the post the flagger is sent one of these messages automatically.

However, if a users post is flagged multiple times they get a message from @system like this

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It’s easiest if you test this yourself using alternate accounts, so you can experience it first hand.

Then delete the accounts when you are done testing.