What permissions can admins give moderators?

My question is the title:What permissions can admins give moderators?

can someone point me to documentation regarding moderators and their permissions? I’m missing information about which privileges are hardcoded and which can be set by admin…

I’ve found only one pretty old relevant topic…

Thanks in advance!

There isn’t a fine grained permission system, if you are a moderator you can do everything a moderator can.

Moderators can do everything in the forum except for site settings and configurations.

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They also can’t create/modify groups.


When logged as moderator I see “Your Discourse installation is out of date. Click here to upgrade.”

Is that correct? Do moderators have ability to perform core upgrade from admin panel? Shouldn’t this be admin-only tool?

That is not correct. You shouldn’t see anything about versions on the Dashboard.


Thanks for info… I’ll update to latest master to see if I can reproduce this bug again…

This is really strange. I’ve updated to latest Version v1.7.0.beta7 +276 and I still see version in Admin CP as Moderator, can anybody confirm this please?

Currently I’m testing this only in development environment.

Mods can definitely see the version installed and latest version available. They can’t actually perform an upgrade though.


Are you sure?

I definitely can’t see it at Stonehearth.

Edit: Wait, that might be because we’re hosted…

Thanks for clarification.

I’ve seen upgrade link in Admin CP before as moderator, but haven’t tested clicking on it… What happens after clicking when mod doesn’t have that privilege? Is there some kind of error message?

I don’t think they ever see the upgrade link. They can click the version number and see what changes are between the version they are on and latest, and if they try to visit /admin/upgrade it acts like the page doesn’t exist.


Thanks, I’ve finally got to test it and it shows the link “Click here to upgrade.” but after clicking it shows Internal error 500… so mod can’t possibly see changes…

The changes are on the version link, so a mod can see the changes.


Is there any Moderator’s Hand Book or some guide for new mods describing all the tools and features? THX


There are now guides to cover the various aspects of moderation:

Discourse Moderation Guide
Description of various user states in Discourse (explains moderator privileges)
Category Group Review/Moderation