What's the current rule on Ignoring users?

In a discussion on our forums we found out that TL1 users don’t seem to be able to ignore other users without certain limits.

While searching through this forum I found different information ranging from some code that seem to limit the ignore user feature to users with the same level or lower than yourself and some other information that shows that TL1 don’t seem to be able to ignore other users at all.

The discussion in our forums came up as one users wasn’t able to ignore one other user of the same TL (TL1) while he was previously able to ignore other users.

Is there any definitive place to find out this type of information? I’m feeling bad about opening a topic for this as I feel there should be a place to find this.

Thanks for helping though :wink:

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It’s determined by the system settings on every site. You’d need to ask the site owner.

I am the owner. Which system setting? Searching for “ignore” and “tl1” in the settings admin doesn’t bring up any setting that seems to be affecting this.


Mute is a TL1 ability. Ignore is a TL2 ability.