Cannot remove ignored user on

I was doing some research on how the user ignore/mute feature works (as in, how it actually appears for the user), and the only username I could remember off the top of my head was @codinghorror. So I tried that.

Now, when I go into my profile settings to remove Jeff from the Ignored list, it is removed…but when I save and refresh it’s still there no matter what or how I do it.

Even more strange, when I try to add ANOTHER user (any random user) to the ignore list, I get this error. Maybe related, maybe not, but def unexpected.

Feels funny to report “can’t un-ignore Jeff Atwood” but…here we are :laughing:


Thanks @alexknowshtml for reporting this :raised_hands:

I am thinking you have ignored codinghorror sometime ago, and during that time we allowed a user with any trust level to ignore any user other user.

We changed that recently. Now, you can not ignore an Admin or a Moderator, and therefore, when you are trying to un-ignore codinghorror, this action is now disabled since he is an Admin.

We should fix / clean that up :slight_smile:


Right but UN-ignoring a staff member is by definition safe and shouldn’t need to be blocked.

This could also happen if you ignore someone and they are later promoted to admin or mod.


Totally. We need to fix it up :+1:

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Thank! What about non-admin/mod users? I get the error in the screenshot when I tried to ignore a couple of random users (to see if I was doing something else wrong) and it wouldn’t let me. I don’t think they were all admin/mods. Is there a certain level where you can’t mute/ignore anybody yet?

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I think I missed one important detail here. Having took a good look at this today, there are a couple of updates that will make this erratic behaviour clearer.

  1. We actually do not block this action, we have this already allowed for any user.

  2. I checked @alexknowshtml user profile and it appears to be that you are a “Basic user”, we only allow “Member” and above TLs to ignore another user. I need to update this post with the latest changes.


  1. We definitely had a bug by showing you the Ignore user in preferences for users who can not actually ignore others. I have a fix for this.

  2. I have cleaned up your list of ignorees and removed codinghorror.


I have updated this meta post with the latest features we shipped :ship:

UPDATE: I think I can close this topic since the cause was treated here.