What's the process to get a theme-component PR reviewed?

My first run at this PR was pretty messy, I admit. I’ve since closed the initial PR, squashed commits and resubmitted.

Is there a typical timeline for plugin PR review?

Did I flub in not first asking for the functionality? It seemed like it ought to be pretty simple to do, so I thought I’d just “get 'er done!”

Even a “thanks, no thanks” would be fine…


No, not really! Though it’s helpful if you post on Meta about it (I’ll take a look within the next day or two in this case).


We’ve got one waiting for review too:

I wasn’t sure how to get someone’s attention on it without @mentioning / pestering


I’ll pull someone’s sleeve for you :slight_smile:


I’ve just merged this. :tada: Thanks!


I’ve reopened this one as though this particular PR has been merged the general question of what to do to nudge a PR is still a little open.

From my viewpoint, I don’t keep track of PRs on GitHub (:grimacing:) so I think if we’re looking for a more formal answer to ‘what can I do to chase up a PR review for core or something official’ I think opening a dev topic here on meta would be a good way to get it some extra attention. Feel free to @JammyDodger me and I’ll do my best to hound people and get it reviewed (or at least looked at). :slight_smile:


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