When PRs are merged?

Quite often, and decently fast I have to say, when someone reports bug or issue somebody from team tells this PR fixes it.

And right after that anxious user makes rebuild or update, returns and cries for help because that fix didn’t change anything.

Same poor team member replies that PR isn’t merged yet.

What is the typical time frame when merging has been done, or does it depend? Quite often you guys tell that PR is already merged, or there is new reply to inform merging — but not always.

I don’t have any issues, I’m just purely curious. Well… sometimes it matters if a PR will will fix something important for me or gives something nice, and getting that requires rebuilding, because it is so time consuming. But must say — I’ve got everything that is informed as PR’ed.

I would guess team must do someking double checking before merging something.

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I’m afraid the answer is: “it depends”. At a minimum, we need to wait for the automated checks to run (about 20 mins), and we need at least one other person on the Team to review/approve the PR. That can take anywhere from minutes to days, depending on availability/priority.

If it’s a more complex change, or if the reviewer has any comments that need addressing, then it can take even longer than that.

By the way, when we link a PR here on Meta, you should see a little coloured badge on the onebox which tells you whether it’s merged. For example:


Of course that badge :man_facepalming:

Yeah — it depends is a good answer. And expected one too.