When a thread is too important to lose

I’d like a feature to “tag” specific threads so that when they transition to “locked”, a ToDo queue gets a notice.

Then, the admins can abstract the vital information and put it in their structured documentation.

And, like a Solved or an internal backlink reference in other threads, once a ToDo was processed, the Admin could link the “definitive” response to the Topic in the structured documentation. And that “definitive” link would appear above the Backlinks.

And to raise the SEO rating of ANY Topic with such a “definitive” link when doing an internal search. So that, for instance, I was to search for “linkify” via the New Topic searching, it would rate a Topic with a “Definitive” even over the Topic with 24 backlinks.

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I don’t think it does exactly what you want, but a lot of similar interactions are available via:

I’ve used discourse-docs as part of an editorial process where we convert conversations into docs (where we make it more “doc-like”). I’m not sure if there is currently a way to prioritize the links to docs in search or related links… on the other hand, I’ve found that having a “Docs” section does help folks find the stuff they are looking for. :slight_smile:

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