When a topic is locked because reaching the replies limit, tags are not added to the next part automatically created

As visibile here:

It’s pretty simple to test as well, set a topic limit to something very low to replicate.

While on the subject, I’ll add that it would be beneficial if the newly created topic would quote the last reply of the locked topic in full, so to not break the flow of discussion.

The only reason we set up the automatic lock and creation is that after a certain amount of replies, Discourse timeline starts to have problems.
Before anyone raise the “megatopics are bad anyway” point, this is beyond the scope of this report and in very active community, it’s absolutely natural to have topics with lots of replies.

Couple of examples

These are topics that reached those number in 24h/48h:


I’ve slipped this over to ux as while I think these suggestions would be nice to have included I don’t think they represent something that’s breaking the normal use of the site. :+1:

Though if it did it before and has stopped working we can always slide it back again. :slight_smile:


I’m hitting on this quite often because I’m using relatively low limit, 50 comments.

The main reason is that topic will change quite often after few comments. It can be close to original, but not quite. If it is allmost same or similar it would be nice if tags follows. Otherwise, new topic must tagged again.

So my opinion changes almost daily depending what I need :wink: But in general I think new follow-up topic should use same tags as original one.