When groups filter has no matches, filter field disappears

When filtering the members of a group by username or email using the field above the users list, the following happens:

enter text which matches no users:

The filter field disappears, and the message improperly suggests the group is empty, rather than there being no users matching the filter.

The filter can’t be corrected either, because the field is gone. The user is forced to browse back to the group view without a filter, or to edit the filter which appears in the URL.

** v2.0.0.beta10 +20**


Ah good point… that’s annoying, I hid the filter thinking that it’s not necessary if a group has zero members… but I didn’t account for the fact that filtering in itself creates a “no member” state.

Just made an update that fixes that. Ideally we should know the difference, but just reverting back to what it was originally for now.



Eight minutes, is that a new record for a response and fix?

Just one of those things where the stars aligned and I happened to be looking at the right place at the right time and knew exactly what caused the problem (me). :wink:


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