When merging topics, allow URL in search

I’m sometimes having a hard time finding the right topic when I need to merge - especially when users use very similar topic names (bad form, I know, but this usually only surfaces during such operations). It would be great if we could paste the topic URL into the search dialog and get the exact hit.

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I’ve thought about this so many times before, but i have never put the request into words. Thanks for doing that!

My (similar) usecase: i know the target topic for the particular posts that i want to move, and have it open in a different tab. It’s much easier to copy the target url (AltD + CtrlC) and paste it in the move modal instead of having to type the name of the post, then search through the multiple results discourse returns.

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My current work around is to edit the title of the topic I need to search for and enter a random code, then search for that code :facepalm:

If I understand correctly, I think this is already possible. I only use links when merging to prevent errors, never failed me!

See here, I’m searching on URL



Argh, you’re right! I don’t know why this didn’t work for me yesterday but it does now.

@moderators can you please remove this topic?

I would like this to be saved in some wiki related to moderation though. It’s a really useful feature!