When ToC present, I lose access to the topic wrench?

I might be missing something obvious (as it happens often). When I add a TOC I lose access to the top right wrench menu, so I cannot pin/unpin a topic (using for some long event pages).

So the only way to change is to temporarily remove the TOC to access the button.?

With Disco:

Without Disco:


Yes, this is by design. In this case you can use the wrench on the topic menu, at the bottom.


My wrench menus are different. The right side one at top right (which disappears with DiscoTOC) shows:

and my bottom topic one:

So I have no access to the Pin topic settings there (unless I am looking at wrong wrench)

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Yes, you are looking at the wrong wrench. :wink: The second screenshot you provided is of the post admin wrench, at the bottom of every post. There is another admin wrench in the topic menu at the very bottom, before suggested topics.


Oi! I had the wrong wrench. Now I got it, many apologies, all is good


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