Where can I find API key?

Hi I am new to Discourse. I want to add this kind of forum in my wordpress site. I have installed the Discourse plugin. Plz help me to get api key. I did not find exactly the url from where i can get api.

Go to /admin/api/keys on your Discourse site, if you haven’t generated one yet then you will need to. Then you can copy the key and paste it into the WP plugin.


Can you read through this and see if you still have any questions?
WP Discourse plugin installation and setup


there is one url option to give for discourse…for example my website is wp.com then i have given this url to wp.com/discourse after then i need to go wp.com/discourse/admin/api …it is ryt?

You are populating the SSO settings in WP right?. These are at WP-sitename/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wp_discourse_options

The API key needs to be generated at Discourse-sitename/admin/api/keys then you can copy the value of the key from the Discourse site to the setting on the WP site.

The SSO secret is similar, see @simon’s excellent instructions.

It sounds as if you’re trying to install the wordpress discourse plugin in order to [quote=“Rajesh_Choudhary, post:1, topic:58816”]
add this kind of forum in my wordpress site

That’s not what the plugin does. Discourse is a separate application which (in most scenarios) runs on a separate server (see the install guide). The wordpress plugin allows a wordpress website and a Discourse forum to be interlinked, but you need to setup discourse first.


That sounds like the problem, @david. @Rajesh_Choudhary, you need to install Discourse first.

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