Where should I add my domain on Digital Ocean following the standard installation

I’m installing Discourse in standard way

And I have my website already “yonstreetbets.com” and I want to build my discourse community on forum.yonstreetbets.com.

Which domain should I put in Digita Ocean?

yonstreetbets.com? or forum.yonstreetbets.com?

Probably neither. Just add the A record to your DNS using your current dns provider.

I should fill this box to get A record

Your question isn’t very clear, why would you want to put a domain in Digital Ocean if you are using the official install guide? There isn’t a step for that in the guide especially with the screenshot you shared. Once you create the A record as Jay said, you can follow the official install to be on track.

I think I installed discourse.

but still cannot open my website.

The thing is I cannot put forum.yonstreetbets.com in host. DNS provider said I can only one dot in host. And my instance IP address is

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Assuming that your droplet public IPv4 is, then it seems your DNS is correct:

$ host forum.yonstreetbets.com
forum.yonstreetbets.com has address

In the host part you normally put only the subdomain (forum in your case), or @ for the root domain, so it seems your DNS setup is correct.

Make sure that the Digital Ocean firewall allows connection to the ports 80 and 443 of your droplet, and also make sure that you followed the official install completely, until the point in which discourse container is built and started (if you run ./discourse-setup or ./launcher rebuild app and it executed completely, without errors, then it should be ok).


And adding to what @lucasbasquerotto shared above which is apt, if you are still having issues even after running run ./discourse-setup or ./launcher rebuild app withouts errors, the run ./discourse-doctor to troubleshoot.

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