Where to find the 'permanently delete' function?

Hello Jammy, when will this feature be available? Since it’s already written in the doc here, shouldn’t it be available already?

I’m using 3.1.0.beta5 and tried both ways (executing SiteSetting.can_permanently_delete=true through rails console and set DISCOURSE_CAN_PERMANENTLY_DELETE: true in app.yml +rebuild app), none of them worked. Still can’t find anything like permanently delete in the topic options menu.

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Hello and welcome @wangx1ng :slight_smile:

If you’ve set it to true then you should be able to find it in the post wrench menu of a deleted post:

And in the edit history on hidden revisions for the revisions version: (this one is still quite new)

And there’s no need to rebuild when changing settings in the rails console, they’ll just toggle on/off by command without anything extra. :+1:


@JammyDodger Ahh found it! Needed to click the red three dots to show the red wrench, thanks for your demonstration.

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