Permanent deletion: Function not available

I have activated the function to permanently delete posts. However, the function is not visible even after activation.

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c

I have already restarted the container, logged in and out again and am of course logged in as admin. Nevertheless, the Permanently Delete option is not there for posts that have already been deleted.

I’m using 3.1.0.beta6.

Any ideas?

I just enabled it on my test instance, and it works even for posts that were soft-deleted prior to the hidden setting activation :thinking:


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Does the option possibly collide with a setting or is it possibly influenced by another setting? Unfortunately, I still don’t see the function.

Possibly double-check the setting has been enabled? There shouldn’t be any conflict with anything else.


It also shouldn’t need a restart, you can toggle site settings without one.

I just checked. It’s activated.


Hmmm. That is most perplexing. :thinking: How about safe mode, just in case?

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Sorry. There are two tool icons. I have always used the one at the top right and not the one at the bottom of the post. It works.


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