Can't convert Personal Message to a Public Topic

I’m very new to Discourse and only using it because of my job. We have an online community that I provide support to and pretty much make all announcement posts.

I’m an admin and I can make public posts private, but I can’t do the reverse. I’ve tried multiple different post to test it out and arrived at the same conclusion. We are making some changes and need to move the thread to a category of its own, but I keep getting an error.

I tried changing the security setting on the category I wish to move it to by allowing access to everyone, but it still doesn’t work. It might be important to know that multiple users were invited to this private topic but are now suspended. The tech team hasn’t gotten back to me and I need the issue resolved ASAP.
Is there a setting to disable/enable this?


Does it help to remove them from the personal message first? You should see a button that looks like this after you select it:

Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 10.13.10 PM

(Only it won’t have the option to remove me or discobot. :wink: )

I think there may also be more detail about the error if you check your browser console when performing the action, which may help narrow it down. :crossed_fingers:

Though could you check your create topics allowed groups setting and see what groups you have in there?


I’m not exactly clear how you’re doing things, but are you trying to use Shared Drafts: Allow staff to collaborate on posts before publishing ? And if not, maybe it would help.

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So I’m working with our tech team on this. I showed them this suggestion and they sent me this.


I never tried to as I would like to avoid alerting them that there is a problem. I would like it to be a seamless transition and that would involve me having to re-invite them if it doesn’t work.

Maybe test with a new message and a sock puppet user you created?

If you check /logs on the site as admin, it should show you the actual backend error.


The info, backtrace and env tab might each have useful information.


Are you using any plugins that may the interfere with making a private topic public? Maybe the Encrypt plugin? Not sure if it would interfere or not.