Which Discourse version in discourse_base image


We’re currently using the base image from here to build and deploy Discourse.
However, I have tried to find the information of the relation between the version of base image to Discourse version and so far not yet successful. Does anyone have a clue about where to find that? :blush:

Thanks a lot

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Most installations use the “tests-passed” version of Discourse, which is updated typically several times a day, although each installation might be updated once a month or so.

Right now, the linked version is marked as 6 hours old, so I think it must be a very recent “tests-passed” version.

The actual tagged numbered versions of Discourse come out much less often, and for most people are not of great interest. For example, my forum is presently running 3.1.0.beta2, which would be one of a number of beta versions, except in reality I probably picked up a version a few days after that, which will have a few changes. (I updated in late January. It’s been an unusually long time since a beta.)

As an admin of a Discourse forum, I get notified when there’s a new beta.

Hope this helps: the summary is that everyone runs a leading-edge version, and version numbers are not so important.


Thanks for your answer. :smiley:

The thing I need is that I only want to use stable version from Discourse and avoid using a beta version unless if there is any security vulnerabilities that may affect us.

I understand from your answer is that if there is any “tests-passed” build then another version of base image is being published. And it could be assumed that it’s based on the latest beta version of Discourse. Am I correct?

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Yes, I think so: the beta versions are interleaved with numerous tests-passed versions, and that’s what most people run.

If you search here, you’ll see that people are advised not to try to run “stable”. And it’s a bit difficult to do it, because you can never move backwards, so if you start with a tests-passed you need to wait for the next stable to appear.


Found a reference to the versions and the reasons:
Is Discourse always in “beta”?


Thank you for pointing it out.
I will have a look and see what we can pick up from the thread.

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