Which rate limit applies to the `/u/by-external/{provider}/{external_id}.json` endpoint?

I need to access a lot of users via the API, but I am running into a HTTP 429 - Too Many Requests for url error.

What I already tried is increasing the DISCOURSE_MAX_ADMIN_API_REQS_PER_MINUTE setting as well as all the DISCOURSE_MAX_REQS_PER_IP_* settings in my app.yml (and also restarted the app container via the launcher script).

I’m unsure what else could be causing these? I am roughly issuing 100 request in a minute

I am pretty sure that you need to rebuild to make those take effect.

Just to be sure, I rebuild it but still the same effect.

As far as I understood, the variables in the env: section can be applied by just restarting though. They are provided to the docker container via the docker env features (so they are applied at startup, not baked into the image) I think.

Or should I put them in a different section, not into the env?

Anyway, I’m still running into the rate limit. Wondering if I could see what exact rate limit discourse runs into by enabling debug logging or similar?