Whispers-can they be configured to where a group who has access to whispers cannot see certain whispers?


Question regarding the whispers upgrades that came with Version 3.0:

I talked with our TL3s/Moderators/Community Managers on our forum and I said that this was a new option where the groups I listed above can see/use whispers.

However, it was pointed out that if a moderator made a whisper, everyone who had whisper permissions could see that whisper. Let’s say a moderator put a note below a topic in a whisper that is only for staff to see. But the TL3 members could see it too.

Is there a way to configure the whispers to that only certain groups who have access to whispers can see certain whispers?

For example, Moderator Whisper to Moderator Group, where moderators could only see the whisper, or TL3 to Moderator where while it was created by a TL3, other TL3s could not see it.

I hope that makes sense!


At the moment whispers are all or nothing, there’s no way to have whispers siloed in a way that one group can only see certain whispers. The best way to discuss something within a specific group is to send a message to the group or create a category only they can access.

As a feature group-specific whispers could get complicated pretty quick… we’d need to come up with ways for people posting whispers to decide which group can see the whisper they’re about to post… and a way to communicate to readers who can see a specific whisper. Certainly not impossible, but I’m not sure it’s the kind of complexity we’d want to introduce.


How does Staff Notice work? as. maybe this could be used by the moderator instead in the Op’s per. case example?

Personally I see more value in just having mod/staff use whispers vs giving a wide use as others can use dm with linked post.


Staff notices are different, they’re highlighted messages that staff can leave for everyone else to see. I just put an example up there :point_up:


Okay thanks so it is more of an Advisory type idea from Staff to everyone. :beers::sunglasses::+1:

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There’s an open feature request on this if you’d like to add your voice to it and put your use case in for consideration. :+1: :slight_smile:


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