Whispers says only mods can see them when others can

In a whisper, you can hover over the eye icon image and it will say:

this post is a private whisper only visible to moderators

Even if people are not and are visible to other non-staff users.


  1. Enable whispers and give access to a non-staff group.
  2. Make a whisper
  3. Hover the eye icon and look at the text

This isn’t true, at least not in my experience- whispered posts aren’t visible, even as a “hidden reply”, to users without access. I just tested it to make sure; a topic with one whispered reply shows no replies (it doesn’t even show the infobox that gets added with replies) to a non-moderator

You can now use whispers allowed groups to make them available to more than just staff users, but @not-ethan has found a description that hasn’t been updated to match yet. :slightly_smiling_face:


This commit should fix this. Now, the whisper tooltip is dynamically filled with the value of whispers allowed groups (if configured).