Can we allow a non-staffer to reply to its own whispered post?

Can we allow a non-staffer to reply to their own whispered post? Currently, my user who posts on a topic or replies to a post is able to see their post being whispered by the staffers (admin/moderators). Now, my concern is whether we can allow the non-staffer user to reply to their own whispered post?

One solution could be to add them to the site setting “whisper allowed groups”, either a custom group or TL4 usually works well.

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currently i’m using this Toggle Whisper 👁 theme component where user who posts on a topic or replies to a post is able to see their post being whispered by the staffers (admin/moderators).but he can’t reply to its own whispered post, can we do that by allowing that particular user/non-staffer permission to whisper for that posts replies

I don’t believe that’s currently available functionality in core or an existing plugin. (Could be wrong though)

I’m not 100% sure I’m following what you want to do? Could you go into a little more detail about what your use case involves?

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  1. When a user creates a topic, it is approved by a moderator.
  2. After approval, the other users reply to that post or reply to a topic, which are also reviewed for moderation.
  3. Now, when a moderator/admin whispers to the post’s reply or topic’s reply, I’m using the toggle-whisper plugin, where the moderator can toggle a reply to a post or a reply to a topic to a whisper post.
  4. Now, here the admin/moderator or the user whose post is changed to whisper can see the post as a whisper.
  5. Now I want the user to be able to reply to a whisper post as the moderator/admins do.
    Can we achieve that?
    Basically i want to allow post author to see/reply to whisper posts

Only their whispers, all whispers in the topic, or just all whispers period?

only their whispers

I’m afraid this use case doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. If you want to have a private chat with the poster, why not split the post into a PM?

Actually, I also want my other staff to see what I’m replying to the poster.

I want the posts to be in the topic itself and seen by the poster himself and my staff, so the conversation remains relevant to the topic itself.

It’s a little unclear to me if you’re suggesting this as a feature request or looking for support on if this can be done. If the former, it would be helpful if you could give a real example of a workflow where this would be useful so you could paint a better picture of how others would also find this a useful feature to have. The more detail you can add, the more persuasive the argument is to dedicate development time to it. :+1:

If it’s the latter, then this isn’t currently possible. All groups added to whisper allowed groups can see all whispers. There’s no way to selectively allow others to see some whispers (other than their own posts).

Suppose there is a product that has a forum where customers can communicate with each other and give their opinions and questions about the product. The forum is overseen by moderators and admins who have to make sure that there are no customers who are posting negative or spam comments or replies. To stop these customers from affecting or misleading other customers, we need to make their comments or replies hidden to the rest of the forum and reply to them in a private way. However, we also want the staff and the original poster to be able to see the reply, so they don’t feel left out or neglected. Therefore, we hide the unwanted comments or replies and send a private reply to the poster within the forum itself, not on a separate chat window. This way, the poster thinks they are still involved in the conversation and being acknowledged.

I’m suggesting this as a feature request…